Sudden snow leaves naked lovers calling for help

2014’s Coming of Age day has a humorous, risqué subplot. This is a Japanese holiday during which youth put on traditional kimonos for a ceremony, and then go off on romantic dates. Because a sudden snowfall disrupted their plans, many ducked into “love hotels” (hourly hotels used for quickies) in the afternoon. As evening fell and they prepared to leave, these naked lovers realized that they were unable to dress themselves! Many had to use their smart phones to find nearby kimono shops, asking the shops to make a “house call” (hotel call?) to help them cover themselves!
I know it sounds bizarre, but putting on a kimono is a real adventure. When I have done it, it took about an hour and I, too, required assistance. Sadly for the traditionalist among us, most 21st century Japanese youths have little more experience in donning these garments than their European counterparts have in wearing a suit of knight’s armor.
Love hotel stories are seldom this innocent and humorous, though. Many, if not most, are affiliated with prostitution rings. Some even provide a woman along with the room. Despite this, some Wall Street investment firms have invested in love hotels. In my debut novel, Bid Only, love hotels are both a source of income for the antagonist and the setting for one scene.


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